ACHR is an independent, research institute specialising in performance, policy and productivity reform across health and ageing sectors. Concentrating on the creation, translation and advocacy of health systems knowledge, ACHR transforms evidence on high-quality, high-value care into policy and practice.


Improved performance, transparency and accountability to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of health services and care delivery.


Improved policy to deliver appropriate access to affordable, quality services with greater responsiveness for local communities.


Improved productivity and efficient funding of Australia’s health and aged care systems across rural, regional and metropolitan areas.

  • Promote expert debate & inform public discussion

    ACHR engages leading minds around the world to promote, and better understand, the Australian healthcare system

  • Commission evidence-based & outcomes research

    ACHR has a rigorous, innovative and evidence-based research agenda to address pressing policy issues confronting the health and ageing sectors

  • Develop policy programs for health reform

    ACHR specialises in policy program development and analysis for health and ageing reform

  • Test & model health care solutions for medical uptake

    ACHR provides an integrated suite of end-to-end pressure test and risk mitigation solutions for improve policy uptake

  • Measure the impact of health & research policy

    ACHR supports Health Impact Assessment (HIA) tools and initiatives to help improve effective policies, terminate poor ones and assist with resource allocation

  • Provide expert health policy advice

    ACHR brings together expert policymakers, practitioners and researchers for off-the-record deliberations and expert advice

ACHR collaborate with health providers and funders, governments, corporations, professional health associations and colleges, universities, hospitals and non-government organisations.

While Australia’s health system delivers outcomes that are among the best in the world, we face significant challenges to ensure the system has a sustainable future.


Our complex and fragmented health system is being stretched by an ageing population, the growing burden of chronic illness, and the increasingly outmoded organisation of our health services.


We need to develop new and innovative ways of delivering and funding care, address how we target populations in need, better integrate primary, acute and rehabilitative services, and address the inertia toward technological change.


While our system is hamstrung by a focus on fee-for-service, isolated episodes of acute care, growing out-of-pocket costs for patients, workforce constraints and increasing service utilisations – we believe there are solutions.


ACHR believe collective thinking and innovation – finding new ways to solve these problems – holds the key to progress in health system reform. Innovation can help deliver solutions that are cheaper, faster and more effective. By thinking differently, we can make investments with greater reward and greater impact.

Our vision is to be Australia’s leading hub for health system reform using evidence and collective problem solving to impact health policy and practice.


By harnessing the best available evidence, convening experts, influential thinkers and doers, and preparing innovative strategies we tackle significant challenges for health service and system reform.


In order to achieve this, ACHR adhere to the following five principles:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Agility
  • Responsibility


We measure our success by:

  • Impact as judged by changes in policy and practice
  • Reputation as judged by the views of stakeholders and collaborators
  • Satisfaction as judged by staff, suppliers and service providers
  • Sustainability as judged by retained earnings.



ACHR undertake rigorous, independent research on important national health policy problems with our academic collaborators and health service members.



ACHR create short, easy to read, independent publications for policymakers that synthesise and interpret the evidence in specific areas of health policy.



ACHR host conferences, seminars, policy think-tanks, and workshops.



ACHR bring together small groups of policymakers, practitioners and researchers for off-the-record deliberations and expert advice.



ACHR host special events and briefings offering an insider’s view of the federal and state government’s health policies.



Non-government funders and providers of health and aged care support ACHR to engage in health reform discussion and debate.

ACHR: Drive better health outcomes for over a decade


Established in 2005, the Australian Centre for Health Research (ACHR) was designed to provide practical solutions to achieve high-quality, innovative and affordable health care, and a better health system for all Australians.


The mission was to create an open and receptive health sector, where important issues affecting the delivery of health and healthcare to Australians were considered from a broad range of perspectives.


For over a decade this independent organisation has guided a healthier Australia, where citizens receive world-leading, affordable healthcare from an efficient and effective mix of the public and private healthcare sectors.


ACHR continues to contribute to the development of a better health system for all Australians through intelligent inclusive discussion, the development of evidence-based research, policy recommendations to drive reform and technical expertise to test and evaluate innovative solutions.



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