Are we there yet a journey of health reform in Australia

Are we there yet a journey of health reform in Australia

The Health Leadership Series is an exciting new initiative of the University of Notre Dame Australia’s College of Medicine. The purpose of the Series is to stimulate discussion and debate about the most important issues that are shaping the health of Australians. Our ambition is that leading scholars in their field will share their thoughts and experiences, stimulate new thinking that will ultimately lead to actions that enhance health policy and clinical practice. The papers presented will be published and made available on the University of Notre Dame Australia website.

I am delighted to introduce the inaugural paper in this Series presented by Professor Christine Bennett, Dean of the School of Medicine, Sydney and Chair of the College of Medicine. Professor Bennett has a distinguished and extensive experience of working across all sectors in health and brings this understanding and passion to actively developing and training excellent, caring and ethical doctors through our College of Medicine.

Professor Bennett is an internationally recognised health policy and reform expert. In this paper she reflects on whether we have reached the goals identified by the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission, a Commission that she chaired at the request of the Australian Government. After 16 months of analysis, research and extensive national consultation the Commission she led presented a long-term roadmap for reform of the Australian health system in a landmark report, A Healthier Future For All Australians in June 2009. She has prepared her Health Leadership paper – Are We There Yet? A journey of health reform in Australia – to coincide with the 5 year anniversary of the establishment of the Commission in March 2008.

In commending to you this inaugural Health Leadership Series event, we invite you to engage with the Australian health care reform journey and acknowledge the leadership that Professor Bennett demonstrates in her commitment to better health for all Australians.

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