Dying with dignity: a parliamentary report

Dying with dignity: a parliamentary report

In response to The Age (front page): Dying with dignity: parliamentary report to call for assisted dying laws (see link below).

We do not always do death well in Australia. We are currently paying a high price for care we don’t want, in a place we don’t want it. Access to quality care is largely determined by age, diagnosis and geography, rather than patient need.

No matter the outcome of the Victorian Legislative Council, Legal and Social Issues Committee, review into End of Life Care choices – we encourage all Australians to become death literate, and have a conversation with their family and loved ones about their own End of Life Care choices.

We hope this is the beginning of a real conversation about death and dying. We need to get End of Life Care right for everybody in Australia. There is a long way to go on this issue and it is EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY.

The Australian Centre for Health Research (ACHR)  seeks to transform End of Life Care through a conventional research and practice development program, as well as innovative community awareness initiatives that help people have conversations about their end of life choices.

In our evidence review, CONVERSATIONS Creating Choice in End of Life Care  we have presented A Roadmap for Action: eight simple, cost effective recommendations to transform End of Life Care in Australia by creating choice through conversations.

For ACHR, raising public awareness is regarded as just as vital as the policy and practice developments needed to address seemingly intractable problems in the care of the dying in Australia. ACHR is committed to encouraging people to talk about death and dying – in thousands of kitchens, living rooms, coffee shops and restaurants across the country.

ACHR believe that conversations about End of Life Care shouldn’t always start with doctors, governments, insurance companies, or in intensive care units (ICUs) when people are overwhelmed; they should start with family and friends while breaking bread, and well in advance of an accident or an emergency.

Ahead of the recommendations, we commend the Committee, the contributors and all the work that has been done through this legislative review process. It has been respectful, educational and consultative. It has been an excellent process to be part of.

We also publicly recognise and send our condolences to the Premier of Victoria, The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP who has just lost his dad, Bob Andrews, to cancer.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/dying-with-dignity-parliamentary-report-to-call-for-assisted-suicide-laws-20160430-goixvq.html#ixzz47MeBCZly


Photo: Andrew Meares