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  • In 2017 ACHR will be launching the Bend the Curve Campaign. This campaign focusses on collaborative and innovative approaches to achieving High-Value Care across the health, disability and aged care sectors. The key outcome is better quality care at a lower cost and to promote access to affordable, quality care for Australians. ...

  • We wish all our members, partners and friends a festive and safe holiday season. ACHR will be closed from Friday, 23rd December 2016 and will reopen on Monday, 16th January 2017. We looking forward to unveiling exciting new projects in 2017. ...

  • Value-driven payment system reform is a potential tool for aligning economic incentives with the improvement of quality health care and containment of cost. In Taiwan, bundled payment may lead to better adherence to quality indicators, better outcomes, and more effective cost-control over time. ...

  • While we understand the importance of reducing unnecessary tests, many want all the medical tests regardless of need, says a new report from Choosing Wisely Australia. The Choosing Wisely in Australia 2016 Report offers some key insights into the drivers of unnecessary healthcare and details the success of the campaign since it launched in Australia last year. ...

  • Recent reforms aim to increase patient access, reduce costs, and improve healthcare quality as payers focus on greater value. As conventional fee-for-service becomes less viable, Cardiologists will need to understand emerging payment models to succeed in the evolving payment landscape. This paper reviews existing payment and delivery reforms that affect cardiologists in the US, presents four emerging examples, and considers their implications for clinical practice. ...

Attending ACHR Events



ACHR welcomes media interest and engagement in the important public policy forums and debates held by ACHR across Australia.


ACHR makes every effort to ensure media can attend events and make use of expert contributions. In some cases, we produce audio and video files or transcripts after the event.


Please note that ACHR reserves the right to close events to media, or to impose the Chatham House Rule.


Please check the media status of events with us. To be notified about, or attend events, please register with ACHR.



ACHR representatives are available for media comment on research, activities and events.


ACHR can also facilitate comment from experts and leaders in health for relevant topics.


At events, speakers may hold media interviews or doorstops.


Please ask ahead of time if you would like to interview a speaker or ACHR spokesperson.


We ask journalists to respect the rules as determined at the discretion of the chair at each event. It would be helpful if media wishing to ask questions could identify their interest in advance.



Some ACHR meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.


Everyone present is free to use the information received, but they cannot reveal the identity or affiliation of the speaker or any other participant, or that the information was received at a ACHR meeting.


The Chatham House Rule allows people to speak as individuals, and to express views that may not be those of their organisations. It thus encourages free discussion – a key aim of many ACHR events.